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Win It Wednesday: Youth H20

Win It Wednesday: Youth H20


A Nutritional Supplement You Can Trust!

There are so many supplements on the market that it can make your head spin. This requires health nuts like myself to constantly be on the hunt for whats good, what is backed up by medical professionals, and has whole and natural ingredients.

This is what brought me to come upon Youth H2O. When I discovered Youth H2O, I was immediately intrigued because…

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Vegan Enchiladas


One of my weaknesses is Mexican food, especially Chipotle. Argh (did you know they have a vegan burrito bowl now? – *rejoice*)! Sometimes I simply crave ooey gooey queso dip – which is pretty much melted cheese, or melted loads of calories and sodium that fit nicely in my tummy. So it’s crucial that I make a healthy dish to satisfy my cravings!

My vegan enchilada recipe looks pretty much like…

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Why you need to eat locally sourced and plant based foods: One Beet

Why you need to eat locally sourced and plant based foods: One Beet


Zoë Keller is one ambitious lady. After traveling around Europe for 10 months to experience various cultures and cuisine, she is ready to cook up a storm and provide readers with unique and interesting recipes. Her blog, One Beet, provides nourishing recipes and health tips for anyone that wants to be inspired.

Zoë shares with me today how she has improved her digestion with the help of proper…

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Win it Wednesday: Spice Panda

Win it Wednesday: Spice Panda

 Featured Spice Makers

One thing I love about Balanced Babe is the fact that I have the opportunity to share exciting opportunities and giveaways that are good for you, and that will influence you in a positive way! This weeks big winner giveaway and review is really exciting and something that you will make use of for a whole year!!

Spice Panda, the ultimate spice subscription box, is giving away a free 1 year…

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Vegan Quinoa Curry


There are three things I love about this recipe. First, that I used bean sprouts within the curry mixture and as a crunchy topping.  Second; that it’s smothered in a Tahini sauce infused with garlic, olive oil and lemon juice. And lastly that it tastes just like red lentil curry but with easily digestible quinoa.

I love including bean sprouts in a majority of my recipes for their health…

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Oil Pulling: Myth or Miracle?

Oil Pulling: Myth or Miracle?

coconut essential oil

What if someone told you that twenty minutes a day could give you a healthy body free of disease?  Sounds amazing doesn’t it?   Or is this just another crazy idea?   Well, I happen to come across loads of articles on “oil pulling” while doing research on Ayurvedic medicine.   Here’s a brief description of what’s involved and the benefits touted.   All About Oil Pulling: Oil pulling is the…

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Fashion Secrets and Blogging Tips from Kel & Kate

Fashion Secrets and Blogging Tips from Kel & Kate


Lifestyle blogs in Chicago are trending big time right now! There are so many I love, you will be sure to meet all of the Balanced Babe’s behind them. Today, I’m highlighting two BB’s who are all about fashion, food, and living the great life in the greatest city of them all – Chicago!

Kel & Kate are sharing their most coveted style advice, the secrets to blogging, and their personal favorite at…

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