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Win it Wednesday: Spice Panda

Win it Wednesday: Spice Panda

 Featured Spice Makers

One thing I love about Balanced Babe is the fact that I have the opportunity to share exciting opportunities and giveaways that are good for you, and that will influence you in a positive way! This weeks big winner giveaway and review is really exciting and something that you will make use of for a whole year!!

Spice Panda, the ultimate spice subscription box, is giving away a free 1 year…

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Vegan Quinoa Curry


There are three things I love about this recipe. First, that I used bean sprouts within the curry mixture and as a crunchy topping.  Second; that it’s smothered in a Tahini sauce infused with garlic, olive oil and lemon juice. And lastly that it tastes just like red lentil curry but with easily digestible quinoa.

I love including bean sprouts in a majority of my recipes for their health…

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Oil Pulling: Myth or Miracle?

Oil Pulling: Myth or Miracle?

coconut essential oil

What if someone told you that twenty minutes a day could give you a healthy body free of disease?  Sounds amazing doesn’t it?   Or is this just another crazy idea?   Well, I happen to come across loads of articles on “oil pulling” while doing research on Ayurvedic medicine.   Here’s a brief description of what’s involved and the benefits touted.   All About Oil Pulling: Oil pulling is the…

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Fashion Secrets and Blogging Tips from Kel & Kate

Fashion Secrets and Blogging Tips from Kel & Kate


Lifestyle blogs in Chicago are trending big time right now! There are so many I love, you will be sure to meet all of the Balanced Babe’s behind them. Today, I’m highlighting two BB’s who are all about fashion, food, and living the great life in the greatest city of them all – Chicago!

Kel & Kate are sharing their most coveted style advice, the secrets to blogging, and their personal favorite at…

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Win it Wednesday: Fundamental Chocolate

Win it Wednesday: Fundamental Chocolate


Chocolate, good for your heart? Studies indicate that eating this sweet indulgence can improve heart health by lowering blood pressure and maintain healthy blood flow, as well as providing you with a great source of antioxidants. Still not sure what antioxidants can do for you? My little guide to antioxidant rich foods featured on Simple Dish can be accessed here!

More interestingly; ever wonder…

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Travel Smart Series: Beauty Tricks On The Go!

Travel Smart Series: Beauty Tricks On The Go!


The past three weeks as a celebration of Spring break I started a weekly travel series post on quick and efficient tips for maintaining balanced and healthy on the go! The past articles include   vacation workouts , other ways to maintain your fit figure while traveling, and the best snacks to have handy on the go!

This week is all about beauty; keeping your hair skin and nails supple while…

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Movement Therapy, Manifestation, and Finding your Center with Self And Soul Center.

Movement Therapy, Manifestation, and Finding your Center with Self And Soul Center.

photo 2

Have you ever wanted to know more about the power of manifestation? What about movement therapy? Suzanna Yahya Nadler of Self And Soul Center, is graciously sharing her vast knowledge of finding your balance, and how your mind and body are unified as one.

Self And Soul Centeris a garden sanctuary and bio-dynamic nature preserve where individuals visit to meditate, find their center, connect with…

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