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We are Balanced Babes and .. We Promote a Vegan Lifestyle: Veganosity

We are Balanced Babes and .. We Promote a Vegan Lifestyle: Veganosity


Hi! I’m Linda (the mom), and I’m Alex (the daughter), and we’re the creators of Veganosity, a vegan lifestyle blog. We love to run, work out, play tennis, volunteer at our local dog shelter, shop, and create delicious vegan recipes that non-vegans love to eat too. Basically, we’re out to prove to the world that vegans are not granola eating hippies, judgmental, and/or “different.” We also want…

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Vegetarian Stuffed Mushroom Recipe

Vegetarian Stuffed Mushroom Recipe


If you are not a mushroom lover, you will be now after trying this recipe! I typically make these vegetarian stuffed mushrooms for a gathering or if I’m feeling like preparing a multiple course dinner at home. These little nibbles of joy are great as an appetizer, or if you are feeling like being adventurous you can just make about 20 and eat them all in one sitting (like I do).  Also let’s…

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This is What Happens When You Don’t Get Enough Sleep

This is What Happens When You Don’t Get Enough Sleep

  what-happens-when-you-dont-get-enough-sleep  I was amazed to find what actually occurs when we are asleep~ The Surrey Sleep Research Center in the UK has documented their findings involving participants who had 6-1/2 hours of sleep vs. 7-1/2.   As you would guess, that extra hour of sleep can make a big difference.  Their study gives a fascinating look at what happens when we are asleep.       Deep Sleep “Deep”  sleep is important for…

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Eat This To Relieve Sore Muscles, Increase Energy and Your Immune System.

Eat This To Relieve Sore Muscles, Increase Energy and Your Immune System.

benefits-of-watermelon  Growing up, watermelon was a summertime favorite at my house.   Sharing the table alongside other picnic fare, it brings back memories of  hot days and its juicy, sweet, refreshing taste that quenched my thirst.  Little did I know that this summertime fruit had surprising health benefits!     Watermelon contains Arginine and L-Citrulline.  Various published studies have shown that these…

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Benefits of Probtiotics + a Giveaway

Benefits of Probtiotics + a Giveaway


Much research has shown that your intestinal tract is key to overall health and wellness. You “gut” ties to your immune system, can be affected from stress, and is really one of the central systems in the functioning of your body.  Keeping and maintaining your health is tied to the “good bacteria” in our intestines.  One way people promote a healthy gut is by the inclusion of probiotics.…

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Nutritious Meals For The Woman On The Go

Nutritious Meals For The Woman On The Go

factor-75-meal-service-review      In my daily goal of living a balanced life, maintaining a stress free environment can sometimes get hectic, and my home/work balance becomes out of whack. Because of this, it becomes quite difficult for me to make nutritious home cooked meals. I end up eating chips with hummus or some other sort of snack food that doesn’t really provide me with an abundance of vitamins. Thank god for meal…

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5 Ways to Lose Weight or Improve Your Health WITHOUT Regularly Hitting the Gym

5 Ways to Lose Weight or Improve Your Health WITHOUT Regularly Hitting the Gym


Hello Balanced Babes, We are Joel and Michelle; Personal Trainers with Organa Wellness  We are conducting a workshop for all of you on Saturday August 23rd at 4 pm to provide with you with a toolbox for losing weight and improving your health during the busiest times in your life.  

Success is most often reached when we have a plan that fits the realities of our lives.   How do you stay on track…

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I am a Balanced Babe and .. I am a Boutique Owner turned Brand Development Director

I am a Balanced Babe and .. I am a Boutique Owner turned Brand Development Director


photo cred: Glossed & Found

Hi all! My name is Alexis Cozzini and I founded SARCA and Citizen Stone, but am now currently working as the director of brand development for Doc B’s Fresh Kitchen. Our two restaurant locations are 100 E. Walton St and 55 E. Grand Ave. We are also currently scouting locations for our third venue!


Photo cred: Addictions of a Fashion Junkie

BB: How do you increase…

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Why you should support cruelty free beauty products + a giveaway!

Why you should support cruelty free beauty products + a giveaway!


I must admit, I am not one to make a conscious decision to do my nails, or even dive head first into complicated beauty routines. Since I’m always on the go I try to keep my beauty needs to a bare minimum – but I will admit, I do love to get ‘glammed’ up for events! I am however, very conscious of the products I use and aware of the types of toxins that gets absorbed into my skin. With our skin…

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Vegan Zucchini Pasta Recipe

Vegan Zucchini Pasta Recipe


We’ve all been there before, craving something warm and comforting that will stick to our tummies for a while. In this situation, making a batch of vegan zucchini pasta is the answer (I mean, it is probably the answer to all of our cravings). 

Not only is this recipe vegan, but it is gluten-free, wheat-free, and pretty much free of everything except for being delicious. Oh, and it’s super easy…

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