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My Interview on + The Be Healthful Retreat

My Interview on + The Be Healthful Retreat


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This week I had the pleasure of stopping by a fresh and innovative blog catered to helping brides navigate their way through the planning process of their big day, Bridentity Crisis. I spoke about my health coaching philosophy, my bridal intensive packages, and some of my  plant-based diet tips. 

Here are some highlights from the article: 

“Q: You’re also a…

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Prunes Get No Respect!

Prunes Get No Respect!

 Photo Source:  Ok, when most people think of prunes, they think natural laxatives, unappetizing to the taste buds and it doesn’t help that this sticky brown/black colored fruit looks like a huge raisin!   Lots of jokes have been made about taking prune juice as we age, but prunes are gaining in popularity, and not just for the fiber, but because of the health benefits and yes,…

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Loving the sound of music

Loving the sound of music

Music To My Ears!  Music Has Surprising Health Benefits   stricklandear   Photo Source:  We aren’t talking about loud music that can contribute to hearing loss and tinnitus after years of abuse. We are  talking about listening to your favorite music that is soothing and familiar.  Studies show it can lower anxiety, counteract depression, lessen pain, improve memory and focus, relax you…

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Simple Ways to Boost Energy

Simple Ways to Boost Energy


Exhausted by Friday?  If you want to rev up your energy level to enjoy the weekend and recharge your battery for the week ahead, then think about these ways to replenish your energy level and balance.

 xestya Photo Source:   FoodIt’s easy to reach for the “comfort” food (heavy carbs and excess sugar) and veg out on the couch, but those extra calories will sabotage your energy level and…

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Win it Wednesday:

Win it Wednesday:

  beauteabar-review   I love the feeling of being pampered and rejuvenated, all while feeling good about using non-toxic, organic products on my skin!  So needless to say,  I was ecstatic when I received a box of beauty goodies from Beau*Tea*Bar. I love this company’s humorous and inspiring take on how to live life!   On their “About Us” page, here’s a sampling:    “We want to savor pricey cocktails in a trendy…

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Quick Natural Tips for Healthy Hair

Quick Natural Tips for Healthy Hair

holistic-tips-for-healthy-hair  How do we get voluptuous, shiny locks and keep them?  Healthy hair is the result of taking care of our scalp, where the hair follicles originate; and taking care of the hair we’ve already grown (the hair shaft) that is exposed to the elements.   Stimulating the scalp and distributing your natural oils seems to be a good thing but most hair experts don’t advocate the old wives’ tale of  brushing…

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We are Balanced Babes and .. We Promote a Vegan Lifestyle: Veganosity

We are Balanced Babes and .. We Promote a Vegan Lifestyle: Veganosity


Hi! I’m Linda (the mom), and I’m Alex (the daughter), and we’re the creators of Veganosity, a vegan lifestyle blog. We love to run, work out, play tennis, volunteer at our local dog shelter, shop, and create delicious vegan recipes that non-vegans love to eat too. Basically, we’re out to prove to the world that vegans are not granola eating hippies, judgmental, and/or “different.” We also want…

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Vegetarian Stuffed Mushroom Recipe

Vegetarian Stuffed Mushroom Recipe


If you are not a mushroom lover, you will be now after trying this recipe! I typically make these vegetarian stuffed mushrooms for a gathering or if I’m feeling like preparing a multiple course dinner at home. These little nibbles of joy are great as an appetizer, or if you are feeling like being adventurous you can just make about 20 and eat them all in one sitting (like I do).  Also let’s…

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This is What Happens When You Don’t Get Enough Sleep

This is What Happens When You Don’t Get Enough Sleep

  what-happens-when-you-dont-get-enough-sleep  I was amazed to find what actually occurs when we are asleep~ The Surrey Sleep Research Center in the UK has documented their findings involving participants who had 6-1/2 hours of sleep vs. 7-1/2.   As you would guess, that extra hour of sleep can make a big difference.  Their study gives a fascinating look at what happens when we are asleep.       Deep Sleep “Deep”  sleep is important for…

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Eat This To Relieve Sore Muscles, Increase Energy and Your Immune System.

Eat This To Relieve Sore Muscles, Increase Energy and Your Immune System.

benefits-of-watermelon  Growing up, watermelon was a summertime favorite at my house.   Sharing the table alongside other picnic fare, it brings back memories of  hot days and its juicy, sweet, refreshing taste that quenched my thirst.  Little did I know that this summertime fruit had surprising health benefits!     Watermelon contains Arginine and L-Citrulline.  Various published studies have shown that these…

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